This should be good for a laugh — it’s my cousins on my mom’s side of the family… circa 1990 maybe?  No clue to be honest.  But I’m all the way on the right… and clearly NOT looking at the camera.  I’m pretty sure I’m wearing purple leggings… and I LOVED that striped grey/purple turtleneck/tunick thing.  And my bangs?  Yeah… begged my mom to get them… then wanted to grow them out a week later.  Oh awkward years, you sure are fun to look back on!

Freshly Shredded Deliciousness

Got the urge to cook the other night.  I haven’t really whipped anything up in a while.  What you don’t see is the side of fresh tomoato/mozzarella/basil or the massive amount of fresh italian bread I ate with this dish. 

But let me just tell you how awesome fresh parmesean is… good lord.  I want to shred it on top of everything!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink + Bake

I was home alone last night… and maybe sometimes I shouldn’t be left to my own devices.  A quick picture recap of what ensued….

Looks innocent enough, right?

Come to Mama

Soooo refreshing!

The mess I created while drinking + baking

Lest we fear nothing got accomplished -- I DID do laundry.

Jypsy wasn't so sure what to make of it all... she hid in a corner, frightened.

This stuff? It's amazing. Use it instead of brown sugar next time you make choc chip cookies. You will thank me!Lest we fear nothing got accomplished -- I DID do laundry.

Delicious peanut butter cookie (click picture for recipe) - with some drizzled chocolate.

Looks like a total success, right?

Well there was really onle like 4 cookies that didn't crumble into a mess when I took them off the pan... but no one needs to know that.

Thanks Humidity

While you are stifling, and horribly unbearable… you do make my curls extra ringletty.

And for that, I thank you.

Biking In the City

I was home this weekend for Father’s Day.  Sunday morning my dad and I went for a bike ride.  There’s an awesome trail not to far from my parent’s house so we rode that.  I hadn’t been on my bike in WAY too long — forgot how much I love it.  And it was the perfect way to spend a little QT with my dad.

Both of my bikes have been at my parent’s house all winter — but I threw my road bike on the roof and brought it back to Brooklyn with me. 

When I got home from work on Monday Rory suggested going for a ride.  She’d checked out an awesome path over the weekend… so off we went.

It.  Was.  Beautiful.  Riding with the Belt Parkway on one side and water on the other was beautiful.  The weather was perfect.  We did about 6 miles along this path… and then turned around and headed home. 

We went to the Marine Park Bridge which connects Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach (I’m pretty sure lol – geography isn’t really my thing).  It was nice to just stand at the foot of the bridge for a few minutes listening to seagulls, feeling the breeze, and letting the stress of Monday melt away.

Looking forward to many more rides this summer.  Having someone lead the way is key… I’m still a little nervous riding my road bike in the city.  A lot of clipping in/out, glass on the street, and cars to dodge.  But it’s totally and completely worth it.  And soon, I’ll have my hybrid here which is a little less high maintenance.

Happy Flag Day!

For some reason, when I was in high school, I declared Flag Day my favorite non-holiday-holiday.  Does that make any sense at all?  Like it’s a holiday… but certainly isn’t Christmas, Thanksgiving or even a holiday you’d get a day off from work.

Anyway it sort of became a running joke in my family.  Today… I have to admit… I forgot about Flag Day!  Tragic.

Luckily one of my good friends texted me in the 8am hour wishing me a Happy Flag Day (I told you it became a thing).  AND… guess what was delivered to work today?

Oh yes — that would be a “Happy Flag Day” bouquet from my parents.  How totally sweet and adorable, right?  Love them.  (Both the flowers and my parents)

Not Convinced

Grabbed this guy for breakfast..."Looks weird, tastes amazing"


Barely Grass? Blue green Algea? Chlorella? I don't even know what that is...


You can be sure I shook this more than WELL...

So what do you think?  Did I just waste 2.50?  Or will it be good??? 
Clearly I’m suspect, but willing to give it a try.


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